Cool Gear Day

April 21
Up at 5:30 a.m. today in order to be ready for what I call, “Get really cool gear day!” We received most of our body armor, helmet, M4 magazine pouches, Camelpak, Gerber multi-tool, Rucksack, small backpack, awesome gloves and sunglasses that can withstand shotgun shots. Now that’s awesome!!  Visually, I look the part of a combat warrior. We’ll see over the next month if I can actually pull it off.

The weather here is a bit rainy, but it’s warming up and it should help prepare me for the 100 plus desert temps in Afghanistan. I’ll try and take some photos tomorrow. For whatever reason they have razor wire wrapped around all of the buildings with only a small path to exit out of. I’m not quite sure what purpose it serves except maybe to keep people off the grass. Seems to me a sign stating “Stay off the grass” would have served just fine.


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