Delays and the turtle

April 20 — Part II
Well, as luck would have it, the delays just keep on rolling like a cement truck on cruise control. Philadelphia seems to be fogged out and FAA has grounded all flights coming and going. Awesome. I’m glad I stopped off at “The Turtle” (Airport restaurant) and munched, actually devoured, a Philly chicken cheesesteak. Which, honestly, they could have added a little more Philly into the dry and flavorless chicken cheese steak. Sorry Turtle, but you only get one shell out of four for that plate you just served me.

Enough turtle nonsense, the delay seems to only be for an hour or two and with a little more luck and a shake of prayer we should be off to Philadelphia. I should have just picked up a rental car and drove. Oh well, I strangely feel somewhat close to Tom Hanks in the movie The Terminal.

On that note, they are calling our flight. Catch y’all in Philadelphia. If not, come and join the Hoah parade at Fort Dix.


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