April 19
Well, I’m back in the terminal again and it seems like we might actually be getting out of here today. It was a weird sense of dejavu as I once again said goodbye to my wife and kids. Yesterday I told my son, “You need to be a big daddy now and take care of the family. Daddy’s going to be gone for  a long time.”

“What’s a long time daddy,” my son asked.

I said, “Well a lot of days and nights and hopefully by Christmas I’ll be back.”

Well, the mention of Christmas got him all sidetracked on presents and Santa and that seemed to distract him long enough for me to leave without to much of a fuss.

So, as I sat, once again, in the terminal on a dreary, rain soaked Sunday afternoon I waited, and waited, and waited, until finally they told us we would be boarding our plane. Our first stop would be Ramstein Air Base, Germany, where we would pick up a few more passengers, refuel and then head to Baltimore.

But, as the ugly hand of fate would have it, the flying gods were not smiling their winged dimple smiles at us today. Oh no, as we boarded the plane we were told that we would be delayed overnight in Germany and once we landed in Ramstein, we would be bussed to Frankfurt, almost two hours away, to stay in a hotel for the evening.

Wonderful, my quest to become a Combat Skilled Warrior was quickly fading with each unplanned diversion.

Thankfully the hotel was nice, the food was good, and the bed comfortable. Of course, after not eating for 10 hours, not sleeping for twice that and the fact that it was midnight could have swayed my opinion of the accommodation.

Needless to say the fun continued as we were told we needed to be in the lobby at 4:15 a.m. the next morning to make the two-hour drive back to Ramstein and in-process for our flight. Why we had to be put up in a hotel two hours away is beyond me, but when the contracted flight is picking up the tab, I tend to quit complaining.


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