We’ve got movement

April 20 — Part I
We’ve finally boarded our plane and the 13 children and two infants seem to be drugged to a point they aren’t bothering anyone … yet. We’ll have to see how the eight-hour flight progresses — I once again have my fingers crossed.

As soon as this flight lands, I’ll have a 3-hour layover in BWI before flying 45 minutes to Philadelphia, where hopefully I’ll be met by the Airmen of the combat training detachment who will be driving me to Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Training started today, but for obvious reasons, I’m showing up late. I’m a quick learner and have a feeling I can adapt quickly to this new way of life. Hoah!

Speaking of Hoah, my “Hoah Luggae consists of two pairs of civilian clothes, four sets of uniforms, basic amenities, two pair combat boots, flashlight, exercise gear and miscellaneous combat stuff. The best part — my weapons case — loaded with an M4 and M9. I also persuaded our supply shop to issue me a red dot sight for my M4. I want to know that if I ever have to use my weapon, I’ll have a friendly Global War on Terror dot dancing on my target.

On a side note, our commander in chief no longer wants us to use the term Global War on Terror. He prefers Overseas Contingency Operations. I don’t see why the need for a change; it seems to me this Taliban-fueled terrorist drive is happening all over the world and thus the GWOT term seems to sum up exactly what we are here fighting — the Global War on Terror.

Anyway, I’m excited I have a red dot sight for my weapon. That being said, we are getting ready to land, and hopefully, I’ll actually be arriving at Fort Dix today for training.

Wish me luck, send your prayers this way and also back to my family. It’s not easy to pick up and leave for a few days let alone months on end. The true heros are all the spouses who pick up the responsiblities of the other one along with their already burdening, yet rewarding job of balancing everything else involved at home.


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