Combat Life Saver

April 23

Today was the beginning of our four-day Combat Life Saver Course. What is Combat LIfe Saver you ask? Well, basically, this certifies us to provide emergency medical care while deployed. In case a medic isn’t available, we will have the knowledge to at least help prolong the life of a victim. Although the pictures our disturbing, the actual class knowledge should prove invaluable if, God forbid, we ever need to use it.

Today we learned how to apply a tourniquet, dressings, nasal and mouth tubes and how to properly do a Pneumothorax needle decompression. Basically, if you had a deflated lung, I am now trained to stab a needle in your chest to release the air building up. We then got to practice on mannequins, which helped us refine our new medical knowledge. Tomorrow we will be learning how to give IVs and the best part — we each have to give an IV to our battle buddy. (Battle Buddies are Soldiers/Airmen who look out for each other while deployed. We each have a battle buddy here– Awesome) I think I’ll let my battle buddy stick me first so if he messes up I can repay the favor.

I have a couple photos that I’ll load tomorrow from our Combat Course. I’ll add one of the IVs as well! That should be good fun.

Oh, we can only wear our uniform or PT (physical training) gear while we are here. It makes it pretty easy to decide what I’m wearing each day and evening. Also we are restricted to the base for the whole month.

Oh well, it’s good training … I just wish it was on an Air Force Base.


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