Swine flu? No, I just have a bad cold

Well, I’d like to say I feel good enough to carry on a chat about today’s activities, but I don’t. In fact, I’m not sure why I haven’t closed the lid on my MacBook and passed out. I seem to be struggling with the incurable common cold. Today seems to be the worst, so optimistically, tomorrow should be better.

This morning we took our M-9 handguns to class to re-learn proper shooting/breathing techniques, tips on taking it apart and how to hold the weapon properly. Basically the same thing we did yesterday with our M-4 rifles. The only difference between this instructor from yesterday’s is that this guy is an Army Marksman and a sniper; so I took to heart what he was saying — he’s experienced it. He gave us a couple cool tips on hand grip and a slight “cheating method” to use when qualifying. As he says, we train for combat and this will “give you the edge.”

Tomorrow we’ll be gone all day at the range playing a really big shooting video game. I’m going to make a video clip and take some pictures to go along with it and hopefully have it posted tomorrow night. It will be late, but keep checking back; I guess it’s a million dollar training system a.k.a. video game. Should be fun.


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