Urban combat

Early morning tomorrow = a short post tonight: I plan on combining what we learned today with the practical exercise tomorrow, but I’ll sum it up real quick. Today was of course, “Death by powerpoint.” We are learning about how the enemy learns our moves in Iraq and Afghanistan and then uses that knowledge to plant roadside bombs, and other improvised explosive devices on the routes we typically take.

While the powerpoint taught us what to look out for, the point couldn’t have hit home better than by watching several videos of coalition and U.S. forces getting hit by these bombs. The Taliban like to videotape the explosions and use them as propaganda to recruit new soldiers. The going rate for planting a bomb outside of Baghdad is $20 and inside of Baghdad is $150. So for them, it’s worth the risk.

It’s awful to see how they plant these bombs without any concern for the civilians or children that are in the area. Thankfully the vehicles we have over there can withstand most of these bombs, but you can never get complacent. I’ll have more to write tomorrow. It will be an early day and I’m off to bed.


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