Detaining the Hulk

The hulkWe have an Airman here that has been affectionately nicknamed, “Hulk.” Basically, if the President needed something taken care of, this is the guy he would call. Two days ago, we learned how to properly search detainees we had captured. After each of us took turns searching each other, (I won’t go into the details of it, but you can imagine), the Army Corporal then asked for a volunteer to “resist.” Well, who better than Hulk. Watch the following video to see not one, but two Soldiers struggle to take down this Airman. Click here. Honestly, I think it would have taken more than that if he had been on his feet.


One Response to “Detaining the Hulk”

  1. I’ve been reading through your posts and loving your videos. Don’t worry; I’m not an internet stalker, but just a Soldiers’ Angel who loves to read milblogs. If you keep writing, I will keep reading.

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