Land Nav (with video)

Well, it has been more than a couple days but I just finished the Land Nav video. I was hoping for something a little better, but you get what you pay for … exactly. Anyway, at least it gives you an idea of what we went through.

I left out two parts of the Land Navigation Course. First, we had to navigate to three different points in the woods with only a compass. Second, we had to use a military map and find three points on it with only the help of the map — minus the compass. Lastly, we mounted into a HMMWV and used a military spec GPS to find five different waypoints. Very informative, but like I said before, the course is more aimed towards the females — men don’t get lost.

Click here to view the Land Nav video.


3 Responses to “Land Nav (with video)”

  1. Justin, I love your videos!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make them! It helps me know what you are currently going through and let’s me get a glimpse of the funny and cute guy I miss! Love you loads, Jen

  2. Your video was great. The good news is that the desert probably has few tics.

  3. Guys don’t get lost huh???

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