Day three of Combat training

What a long day. It’s going on 11 p.m. here on the East Coast and we have to be up early. Breakfast is from 5-6:30 a.m. every morning and for being in the middle of nowhere, these cooks know how to cook. My favorite, the jalapeno omelet with everything. Add to that a nice piping hot cup of coffee and I’m set.

This evening was day three and the last of our modern Army Combative training. Tonight we learned a few more moves; to include the straight arm bar. Basically, how to dislocate or break someone’s arm to get them to tap out.

We then took everything we had learned the past three days and attempted to get our opponent to submit, tap out or give up. I faced off against a 230-pound captain who looked eager to throw me around. After about two minutes of scrapping on the mat, we ended up at a draw. As I sat there completely drained, I realized how taxing this was. I then realized I wanted to keep doing this. Hopefully when I get downrange, I can hook up with some instructors to keep this up.

I have to give credit to the Army for having this training. It looks like the Army is going to be making this mandatory for everyone to train weekly on close combat. Maybe the Air Force will follow step.

I have photos and video of the Combative training, but we got back late and I’ll have to get to it this weekend. Tomorrow, we are heading out early in the morning to practice base defense and convoy operations. I believe we are also getting to shoot some more during this. Any day you can load ammo in your M4 and sling some lead is a good day in my book.

Five days left. Yes I’m counting. This training has been good, but I’m ready to get downrange.


One Response to “Day three of Combat training”

  1. We can’t wait to watch the videos! 🙂 We love you Justin and we are counting the days till you come home again! all our love, Jen, Gavin, and Ava

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