Last day of training

It’s finally here. The last day of training ended at exactly 1800 (6 p.m.) tonight. We have some out processing to do tomorrow and then we graduate on Wednesday. Nothing official; basically we get the final blessing before being sent downrange to our various locations. Fifty-nine Airmen finished this month-long course, and another 200 just got here in the past week to continue with their training.

Today we finished up convoy training and the last of our death by powerpoint. Let me tell you right now. If you have the decision of either powerpoint or hands on training, go with hands on training — you’ll win every time.

Our convoy training was good today. I was the driver in the lead vehicle of the convoy. Downrange, if asked to be in a convoy, you need to understand the role of each passenger and tactics used to evade the enemy and get to your destination safely. We drove several routes through small simulated towns with actual civilians and “terrorists” groups in each town. The instructors use pyro-technics to increase the realism. We had to avoid several roadside bombs and at one point establish a roadblock and detain a known “terrorist.” We were given blanks to fire from our M4 or M16s and we even had gunners firing from the turret. If you’ve never driven a HMMVW, you’re missing out. Especially when your directed to go on the side of a hill to provide high ground cover at an overpass. Good times.

Our two-day convoy training was only a splash in the baby pool compared to what the Army and other Air Force units go through for this type of training. I think I’ll feel pretty comfortable knowing the folks driving us around over there are well trained. We even have equipment in each truck that helps jam wireless signals; preventing improvised explosive devices from being detonated. Awesome.

I’ve been delayed on getting the videos from the past couple training days out. No excuses, but here’s one for you. I just have not made the time. So, I’m still promising them, just give me some time. Keep in touch; I’ll need your prayers as myself and 58 other people head downrange.


2 Responses to “Last day of training”

  1. The hands on training sounds much more fun than powerpoint. I’d much rather watch a video of you driving a HMMVW than you watching powerpoint.

  2. Larry K Says:

    Enjoy the blog. We will be praying for you. Glad the US is trying to meet the challenge, but would prefer not to have friends/relatives be there.

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