Temporary rest

Home with the family. I thought I wouldn’t see this day for another seven months or so. Seems I was wrong. An unexpected flight diversion to Germany allowed me the opportunity to sneak home for about five days. Talk about excited. My two year old kept yelling, “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” while jumping up and down (Well, as much as a two year old can jump up and down).

I got home about 1 a.m. in the morning and turned around the next morning at 5:30 a.m. to take the family to a waterpark about three hours away. I was exhausted but the time was well spent. Turns out you don’t need much energy to lay by the side of a pool.

Several of you have asked for pictures of the children, so here you go. They are what make this deployment the hardest to deal with — saying goodbye for months at a time. Thankfully, technology is at a point that with webcams, email and digital cameras, we can stay in touch relatively easy. I just haven’t figured out how to reach through the webcam and give my daughter a hug when she isn’t feeling good, or when my son just needs his daddy. Maybe one day …


2 Responses to “Temporary rest”

  1. AWWWWAHHHHHH!!! I hope that you’re having a wonderful time with your beautiful wife and lovely children. Happen Memorial Day, buddy! I’ll see you soon!

  2. Hi son its such blessing to see pictures of you with the kids God is so good in working it out for you to be with them for a little while. We keep you in our prayers you are very speacial son and we are so proud of all your achievements God Bless We love you jenna

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