Ipod causes plane to crash

Really? No. But i did get my googly-fingers on and googled it. Found nothing connecting Ipods and plane crashes. Which, if it can’t be found on google, it doesn’t exist or has never happened. True story. I tried telling the stewardess that there was no connection between the playing of my Ipod and the safety of flying the Alitalia aircraft I was on. She, unfortunately, decided me listening to “Sail Away,” by Enya was less important then the aircraft suddenly having a malfunction mid-takeoff.

I have yet to see a menu setting on my Ipod that says, “Push to crash jet.” Anyway, we can only hope that one day we can sit back, relax and enjoy the free-flowing music from our musical devices while jetting off to 30,000 feet. In disgust, I resorted to humming to the extreme distaste of the passengers within a five-foot radius.

So, here I am, sitting in the Rome airport waiting for my flight. I feel like I’ve lived out of terminals the past week or so. So far, this one get’s three espresso shots out of five. Why not five you ask? Let me fill you in real quick on the deductions. First off, nine euro for a day pass of internet freedom. What happened to the wireless hotspots that were free? The good ‘ol days. Second, no power source to plug my depleting MacBook into. I even tried bribing the cafe attendent to run my power cord over the counter to give me some extra juice. No such luck — One hour and four minutes of potential blogging time remains.

Last night I took the family cosmic bowling. I’ll see if I can load the video of my dance-a-holic children later. As I tucked them into bed later that night, thoughts of escaping with them to some random island flitted through my head. Unfortunately, common sense took over and I decided it would be better to press onto Afghanistan.


3 Responses to “Ipod causes plane to crash”

  1. Angela, Bryan, and Daniel Says:

    Great family pictures! Praying for you and your family daily! Hope you can keep up with your blog while you are over there.

    • jetgwot Says:

      I should be able to keep up with the blog. If not daily, at least once a week. I plan on keeping a journal (diary sounds to … well you know). When I get back to a computer, I’ll add the posts back in throughout the week. Either way, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for keeping in touch. Feel free to drop Jen a line on facebook. She could use the encouragement.

  2. Thank God you were not in the Bolgona airport – aieee the stories I could tell! Wow! Your kids are gorgeous. You must have married well!

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