Have a Manas kind of day

Manas Air Base

Manas Air Base

So my journey is currently in limbo. We left Ramstein, gobbled in Turkey for a few hours and then sped onto Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan. From here, we will eventually travel down to Southern Afghanistan and arrive at my base … eventually.

Manas Air Base is nice. It serves as a crucial hub for troops and supplies heading in and out of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Manas AB is closing soon. I’ve linked an article talking about the closure at the bottom of this post.

I’m not sure if you can say they are “roughing” it here. Next door to the internet cafe I’m in is a Pizza Hut, small gift shops and a gaming center. Although anytime you are away from family and friends for months on end it’s rough no matter how you look at it. This “stuff” just helps ease the separation.

Oh, two of my bags have gone missing. Somehow they either got taken off at the wrong destination or they grew legs when we got here to Manas. On the bright side (there’s always a bright side), my weapons and uniforms made it through. The rest can be replaced. Hopefully it won’t get to that point and they will arrive at any minute. We can only hope.

Click here to read about the Manas closure.


2 Responses to “Have a Manas kind of day”

  1. Hi there! we keep praying for you that everything will go well and that you can celebrate a great Christmas with your family; please keep visualize that: experts say that it helps to make it really happen.
    Eventually you could visualize also yourself skying on the Helm, just it’s a bit difficult while being in a desert!
    Keep in touch

  2. Hi there! Are you on your way or already arrived to your destination. We think of you and God also: may you always feel His protection.

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