In limbo

Another day, still no flight.

We were supposed to head out yesterday, but some important cargo took precedence over us getting out to our forward operating base. I’m enjoying the “downtime;” I know I won’t be getting much of that once I get to my base.

I’ve met the Army unit I’ll be attached to. They are from Colorado. They have a reporter coming out to visit them and see where they’ll be living. I’ll be escorting him around and helping him get some stories. The unit has been extremely helpful and I’m looking forward to working with them.

My rucksack and some of my uniforms are still missing. The supply sergeant from the Army unit took me yesterday and completely outfitted me with new gear, rucksack and camelpak. Quite a blessing.

Today was a good break as well. I went to church and got to have communion in Afghanistan. I didn’t think I would be doing that. The church was really nice; not what you would expect here. Stained glass windows, air conditioning and an entire praise and worship team complete with guitars, drums and vocals.

Keep in touch as I head out to my base. Hopefully I’ll have a better connection so that I can keep this blog current.


4 Responses to “In limbo”

  1. Hey, any feedback from your unit on what you *can* wear/use vs. what you can’t as far as the Army gear and uniforms? (Remember the whole stink about that at Ft Dix?) Let me know. Also, how many bags did you carry/check en route? I have 4 plus ruck, 3-day-pack, and weapon case.


  2. Glad you were able to find a church to attend and one with a praise band is a definite plus! =D

  3. Angela, Bryan, and Daniel Says:

    Glad you could find a church. Keeping close to God will be so important out there. I will pray you will find the time and place to worship when you get to your base. Know that people back home are praying for you!

  4. Hey if I hope you are well, my thoughts and prayers are with you, will you thank all the Soldiers for their service and if you see my boy, tell him his mom loves him so much and misses him and can’t wait to here his voice once again it seems a eternity………

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