Indiana Jones, dust and the quest for a flight out of here

So every Saturday, the local Afghan vendors are allowed to setup shop on Kandahar Air Field in a small razor wire-contained area where they pawn their goods. Everything from carpets and scarfs to foakleys (fake Oakley sunglasses) and electronics. Every new movie that has hit the theater can be found neatly packaged on ever corner of the bazaar.

I had two things in mind as I wandered in that day; find a shoulder holster for my M9 and several good movies. Imagine my surprise when I found a holster straight out of Indiana Jones (pick whichever sequel). Granted it’s probably not one he wore, but it looks awesome none-the-less. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can wear it in uniform. It would look cool to keep all of the bullets on there.

My Indiana Jones Holster

My Indiana Jones Holster

Oh well. As you can tell, I bought it. It makes for a nice keepsake. I did find a couple of good movies, but not the holster I intended. Although it does make for a good prop in the newest sequel, “Indiana Weaver and the Quest for Taliban Eradication.”

Dust: I mentioned the moon dust and after just one week, I guarantee an x-ray would show my lungs half-filled with this fine silt. I ran about three miles this evening and when I got back I must have coughed up at least three sand dunes. One per mile. Nonsense. We get extra pay to work out here, but they need to add one — HDP: Hazard Dirt Pay. It’s awful.

Lastly, I’m still eagerly awaiting a flight out of here. It should be soon, but I’m getting anxious. Of course, once I get to my base, I’ll probably wish I was back here. That’s usually how it works.


2 Responses to “Indiana Jones, dust and the quest for a flight out of here”

  1. Now you just need a hat to go with that holster and maybe a bull-whip.

  2. Your one hot Indiana!!!!!!!! 🙂 I’d love to go on all your adventurous! Now all you need is Indiana whip. Maybe I could help you with that! 🙂 love you miss you, Jen

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