The Ramrods have landed

Finally, two weeks after leaving Germany I’m here at Forward Operating Base Ramrod.   Now the fun begins as I get settled into the 100+ degree temps and the surrounding area.

Oh well, the time should go by quick . I have to run, but I should be able to keep you current on what’s going on here in Southern Afghanistan now that I’m finally here.

Keep in touch.


9 Responses to “The Ramrods have landed”

  1. Glad to hear you made it! Still praying =D

  2. Glad to hear you made it there finally. I’ll keeping looking for you when you’re on facebook. It was good talking with you the other day. Miss having you around.

  3. Bill Harder Says:

    My grandson just got to FOB Ramrod about a week ago. If you see pvt Harder tell him I said hello.

  4. My son is also there – a marine assigned to an Army unit – you 2 have something in common….

    Stay safe–

  5. Ricky Williams USA Retired Says:

    Our son PV2 Williams, M just arrived there a couple of weeks ago. We have all of you in our thoughts and hope for a safe return for all of you.

  6. diannemadore Says:

    Yeah, jp benson my son just got there also tf1-12. keep the peace doggs!!!

  7. prayers going out, and remember when you look at the sunshine remember no sun shines brighter than the son who made the sun

  8. Kurt Devon Says:

    Hello, Brady Devon, my son, is an Air Force EOD tech working at Ramrod and I wondered if you know him? Hes been there about three months. And if theres any way to get a photo of him. All the folks back home in Alaska would really like to see one if its possible.
    Thanks and take care, Kurt Devon.

  9. Thank you for making this site, I dear friend of mine is over with you, and I pray for you all!! I am sending him a care package I told him I will send him anything he wants, and all he asked for was a fly swater! Of course I will send many other things but should I send other items like fly strips too? You are all brave men and woman, and I appreciate everything you all do to make our lives a safer place everyday! May you all return to your loved ones!

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