27 miles?

Yep, that’s right, 27 miles. I determined last night as I jogged around our little Forward Operating Base that on my 27th birthday I would attempt to run 27 miles. Notice I said attempt. It’s worth a try. I always wanted to run a marathon, and when I leave here I just might be able to say I ran one in Afghanistan.

So, I’m throwing it out here to somehow commit myself to now doing it. Otherwise my loyal readers will forever hound me for not doing it. So, on Sept. 13, while most of the stateside population rests peacefully in their beds, I’ll don a pair of Night Vision Goggles and begin my 27-mile quest. I’m picturing myself starting at about 3 a.m., which would put me finishing between 8-10 a.m. if all goes well.

Sponsor: I figure if I’m running a marathon in Afghanistan I should have a sponsor. Mainly, someone who can occasionally e-mail me and ask about my progress and whether or not I was dropped as a child. The answer could be yes, but either way, I’ll attempt it.

Now I just need to order a couple new pairs of running shoes. I have a lot of running to do to get prepped for this. Mind you, this isn’t a simple track or smooth road I’m looking to swiftly “track around.” It’s a mixture of “death boulders” as I like to call them, soft moon-like dust and the occasional up or downhill trek.

Wish me luck. Something tells me I’ll need slightly more than that.


6 Responses to “27 miles?”

  1. Good luck bro. I’ll agree to run 27ft!

  2. Ned St. John Says:

    You will probably have no shortage of sponsors, but I will be glad to hound you from time to time about your progress.

  3. Wow, that’s a noble quest! I guess if I wanted to imitate you–and you KNOW I do–I’d have to come up with a new formula for the distance–44 miles just seems untenable (unless you took in the latest AFT issue in which they wrote about an AF O5 who’s running 100 miles a shot!). So, perhaps a positive side effect of hounding you will be my attempt to run the (age/11-2)^3*3+2 race! (should put me in the neighborhood of a marathon!!)

    • jetgwot Says:

      Well sir
      Are you saying you are going to join this noble steed in completing this task? Hope all is going well and that you get to your final destination safely.

  4. Divoone Brother but I have faith in you!

    Chief Wepner coming to visit us. Best wishes mate!

  5. Jeannie Says:

    Wow, you’re going to run a Marathon…literally. Best of luck to you!

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