COP Rath

Today, I rode in a convoy a few miles down the road to Combat Outpost Rath. It’s located next to a village, where we are working with the locals to make life better here for them. The commander at Rath holds weekly meetings with local elders and leaders to determine what they are struggling with and what necessities we can help get for them.

One of our main goals out here is to let the people know that if they cooperate with us, i.e. turn in the bad guys, don’t support the Taliban or Anti-Afghan Forces, then we will help build up their villages, dig wells for them, help them with irrigation, sewage, etc.

The concept is based off an “Oil Spot” theory. Basically, by working with a village, giving them everything to be economically functioning and self-sustaining, other villages will want the same thing and the “Oil Spot,” will spread throughout the country. The sad fact of what we are dealing with here is that the people are scared to death of the Taliban. Countering that fear is our biggest obstacle right now.

I think a big difference between Iraq and Afghanistan is our push to use non-lethal operations to help make this a better country. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that effect will take hold when we eventually leave this country.


9 Responses to “COP Rath”

  1. It is very difficult to change someone’s lifestyle – like school teachers trying to make a difference in their students who live in poverty, drugs, alcohol, etc and all of that is normal to the kids.

  2. Betsy Stewart Says:

    This is basically what the man in Three cups of Tea was doing, and apparently still is. I have to ask, was Erica with you ?

    • jetgwot Says:

      No. One of us will always stay back at Ramrod, while the other one goes out. Is “Three cups of Tea” a book? I’ll have to look it up.

  3. Angela, Bryan, and Daniel Says:

    Just keep praying that it will last long-term. And keep doing what you are doing! That is so important.

    Send me your address and a list of what you want/need and I will get something together fo your with lots of goodies from the good old U.S. of A. 🙂

  4. Scott Dickson Says:

    Thanks for the updates. We would like to give a shout out to our nephew, my namesake, Pvt. Scott Dickson with the 1-12 at Rath. God Bless

  5. I know someone stationed at COP Rath.
    We love him and pray for your safety as well. I know things are heating up. God Bless

  6. Will you be having anymore posts regarding COP Rath? That is where my husband is and although I hear from HIM quite often, we don’t hear much about his particular company or COP.

  7. I was in COP Rath in 2008-2009 with 3rd brigade 1st inf divsion, Charlie company. Now It has been the same thing with your operation as well as ours, winning hearts and mines. It used to be cop hutal, but it was changed on January 8th 2009 when there was a suicide bomb attack out in the bizzare right outside the cop. Good luck

  8. My daughter is there at COP Rath. She’s the fueler – I think you have only one. Please say hello to her for me if you see her and tell her I miss her so much. My prayers are there for you all every single day that you will do your mission and come back safely. From a grateful, grateful mother.

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