Contain the plague

Like locusts ravaging a harvest-ready crop, the plague set in. First one, than two, than a dozen. And, that’s just the ones that went to the aid station.

Some say it was the non-potable ice water the Gatorade marinated in at the chow hall; others say it was from certain individuals not washing their hands, and some would even say it was food poisoning.

Whatever it was, myself and about 20-25 other Soldiers were out for the count for the past couple days. I haven’t felt this bad in years, but thankfully the docs here had some good medicine to make a world of difference. Goodbye locusts!!

So, that about sums up the past couple days for me. The weather here has been quite hot. We’ve been peaking at about 105 degrees during the day. At night, it settles around 80. Keep the Soldiers and civilians here at FOB Ramrod and throughout Afghanistan in your prayers. It’s not easy going out on patrol everyday in these temps — toting 50 plus pounds of body armor and gear — fighting an enemy that uses dirty tactics to undermine our efforts of re-building this country.

The elections are coming up in just less than two months and if the Taliban or Anti-Afghan Forces have anything to do with it, they’ll be trying to cause as much chaos and destruction leading up to the elections. Reports say more than 80 percent of the Afghan population disapprove of the Taliban, but they are too scared to stand up to them.
Hopefully this surge of military will prove to be the weed killer needed to help this country flourish in the right direction.


5 Responses to “Contain the plague”

  1. I hope they unlocked the commodes in time. And I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Jack Mc Adams Says:

    Your blog has been great for me. My nephew is a PFC in Charlie Company at Ramrod on his first deployment. You have provided a much appreciated insight into life in A-Stan (various alternatives omitted!).

    I don’t want to violate OPSEC so won’t give his name but, if you get a chance, say hi to the PFC from Bath, PA for me. He’ll be shocked!

    My service was USAF (E-5) 1962 – 1966. We had it a lot easier then!

    God Bless and Stay Safe.

  3. Just found this in The Army Times — Maybe???

    Salmonella concerns prompt dairy shakes warning

    By Matthew Cox – Staff writer
    Posted : Wednesday Jul 1, 2009 20:26:34 EDT

    Don’t drink the dairy shakes. They might give you diarrhea.

    Defense Department officials are warning all military personnel to temporarily avoid drinking dairy shakes found in Meals, Ready to Eat and Unitized Group Rations-Express because they might contain Salmonella.

    “There is a remote chance that we might have some dairy shakes that could have some Salmonella,” Gerry Darsch, director of the DoD Combat Feeding Program, told Army Times on Wednesday.

    That means that potentially there are about 12 million dairy shakes in MREs that could be affected, Darsch said.

    Salmonella is a group of bacteria that can cause diarrheal illness in humans, according to the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention website.

    The Salmonella was detected in late June during routine testing of a single lot of dairy shakes, said Darsch, who became aware of the issue June 21.

    The shakes in question affect MRE fieldings for 2008 and 2009, Darsch said.

    The shakes are found in MRE menu number one: chili with beans; menu nine: beef stew; menu 21: tuna in a pouch; and menu 22: chicken and dumplings.

    Menus one and nine will be found in MRE boxes marked Case A and menus 21 and 22 will be in MRE boxes marked Case B.

    The dairy shakes are also part of six out of the eight Unitized Group Rations-Express menus, Darsch said. Darsch did not have the specific menus, or specific numbers of how many UGR-Es are affected but said personnel should not drink the dairy shakes in UGR-Es for 2008 and 2009.

    For more, see next the upcoming issue of Army Times.

  4. Aunt Lee Says:

    You and everyone there are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Thank you so much for your blog. My niece Erica is with you at Ramrod and you help me feel in touch. I am sending a box of some goodies..tell her to share the love!

  5. Jeannie Says:

    All of you men and women over there and abroad are always in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for serving our country.

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