Don’t drink the shakes

A friend of mine sent me this article in hopes it might be related to our “plague” that hit us at Ramrod earlier this week.  I wish it was the cause, then we could throw the rest away. Unfortunately, we have a semi-decent chow hall and don’t typically eat the MRE’s unless we go out on a mission. But, if you know a Soldier who is deployed, you might want to pass this on to them. I personally am going to be eating out of MREs for the next few days and the shake was the first thing I threw away after I read this:

Salmonella concerns prompt dairy shakes warning

By Matthew Cox – Army Times Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday Jul 1, 2009 20:26:34 EDT

Don’t drink the dairy shakes. They might give you diarrhea.

Defense Department officials are warning all military personnel to temporarily avoid drinking dairy shakes found in Meals, Ready to Eat and Unitized Group Rations-Express because they might contain Salmonella.

“There is a remote chance that we might have some dairy shakes that could have some Salmonella,” Gerry Darsch, director of the DoD Combat Feeding Program, told Army Times on Wednesday.

That means that potentially there are about 12 million dairy shakes in MREs that could be affected, Darsch said.

Salmonella is a group of bacteria that can cause diarrheal illness in humans, according to the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention website.

The Salmonella was detected in late June during routine testing of a single lot of dairy shakes, said Darsch, who became aware of the issue June 21.

The shakes in question affect MRE fieldings for 2008 and 2009, Darsch said.

The shakes are found in MRE menu number one: chili with beans; menu nine: beef stew; menu 21: tuna in a pouch; and menu 22: chicken and dumplings.

Menus one and nine will be found in MRE boxes marked Case A and menus 21 and 22 will be in MRE boxes marked Case B.

The dairy shakes are also part of six out of the eight Unitized Group Rations-Express menus, Darsch said. Darsch did not have the specific menus, or specific numbers of how many UGR-Es are affected but said personnel should not drink the dairy shakes in UGR-Es for 2008 and 2009.


One Response to “Don’t drink the shakes”

  1. Jeannie Says:

    To bad you didn’t get that e-mail before you drank them.

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