Some pics around Ramrod

Sand ravaging the base

Sand ravaging the base

Incoming sandstorm

Incoming sandstorm

Patching ceremony for the 1-12th Battalion

Patching ceremony for the 1-12th Battalion

A view from COP Rath

A view from COP Rath



Here are just a couple pics from the past week or so. I’ll add some more at the end of the week.


16 Responses to “Some pics around Ramrod”

  1. mjzander Says:

    Thank you for this site. My niece is deployed in Ramrod. I just sent her some art supplies. I don’t hear from her and we are concerned about the conditions there. Thanks to you, we have seen her picture and get some idea of how things are going.
    Please let me know if having art supplies would help in your outreach.
    I am so proud that you represent America to other people! In this recent e-mail, you have identified what America is all about. Thank you and God bless!

  2. Jillian Woods Says:

    I agree with the above comment- thanks so much for making this site! My husband is in 1-12 and is at Ramrod with you! This whole July 4th weekend has got me down- I went searching and found this site… what a nice surprise! It really helps to hear what the day to day is like and to see pics… I swear to GOD that I see him in that 1-12 patching ceremony pic! ha ha… Thanks again, and if you don’t mind, I’ll be following this blog. I feel spoiled to have found it! So if you see PFC Woods around- tell him I said “hi!” 🙂

  3. Great web site! I’m sure you have plenty of friends and family back in the USofA viewing your site. Keep up the great work! One request, would like to know more/see more photos, etc of the JTACs. Tell ‘Hoof’ (you probably run with him) the whole family (both in USA, especially in PR) are behind him.

  4. Thank you for posting these photos. My husband is a company commander at Ramrod and he hasn’t had much time to take pics and send them home. It really helps to see where you guys are living. Your blog is awesome!

  5. This is an great website. My son is over in Ramrod, 1-12. I miss him terribly but am proud of him. Keep up the great work and thank you for serving our country. If you see Rory, nickname “Tatanka”(meaning buffalo) tell him HI. God bless you.

    • Hi Dee,
      I think in my latest post I have a picture of your son sleeping. If your wondering why he is covered in mud, it’s because during the night he fell into a river of mud. He’s a great kid and you should be extremely proud of him. Take care and God bless.

  6. Marianne Burke Says:

    This is a great site ! My son is at COP Rath. If you know or see SPC Kevin Burke (D CO) say hello. Stay safe and thank you for all you are doing.

  7. Tina Sadlowski Says:

    I just found your website and I am very happy. My son was just deployed and is in Ramrod now. I miss him so much and I havn’t heard from him. So if you run into Sgt. Ski, Let him know I am waiting to hear from him. I want to thank all of you who give so much for you service and please spread the word that we are all praying for your safe return. My family, my community and my church support you! Thanks again, Tina

  8. SSG Hart, Joseph 2-2 Inf Says:

    Make sure you guys put down plenty of gravel before November. That moon-dust is horrible, but when it starts raining, Ramrod sucks. Keep up the good job, we cleared it, now you guys hold it. Infantry leads the way.

  9. bert Wasierski Says:

    What a great site…I was looking for pics of Ramrod since my son is rolling in there like yesterday…

  10. roberta wasierski Says:

    great pictures…I wondered about FOB RAMROD

  11. So good to see pics of Ramrod; my son was just based there with his platoon from the 5/2 SBCT/Recon and I have been looking everywhere for information about Ramrod. He is SPC Valentin. Tell him Mom wants to know “Who loves ya Baby?” God Bless you for the site and pics; makes me feel closer to him. I’m so proud of all our troops and pray for them every night.

  12. spc andrew murphy Says:

    hey im hoping everyone out at ramrod is ok and doin well…i spent 8 months there with 1st id and those tents and everything is something i helped do so i hope everyone is safe and doin well well god bless and have a good deployment.

    spc Andrew Murphy

  13. Pam Hogestyn Says:

    So awesome that you can do this! I am very excited to find you! My son just moved to Ramrod…he is with 5/2 SBCT 2-1 IN. He may be on a COP a little off Base. I haven’t talked to him since the move, so I have no details. Thank You for doing this site…keep up the good work! I will undoubtedly be checking daily…it’s nice to get info about the Bases & pictures too! Thanks again!
    Praying for you all daily!

  14. Pete Privette Says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures. Most of all thank-you for all you are doing there and for your dedication and efforts. My son, LT Nicholas Privette is at COP Rath with 1/B/2-1 IN. If someone knows him, say hi for me!

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