1-12th’s first operation

The 1-12th Infantry Regiment conducted their first operation in the Maywand District area late, last week.

An Afghan girl

The battalion moved out at night using night vision goggles to guide their way. The goal of the mission was to disrupt insurgent activity and to uncover any enemy caches. We also met with village elders to discuss their needs and help determine we can help them stabilize the area they live in.

The overall mission was successful. We did have a couple of heat casualties, who were quickly given IVs and taken by medevac. The long walk back in 100 plus temps certainly played a toll on everyone.

Last night, the Christian Rockband, Flyleaf, came out for the day and met with troops, followed by an hour-long concert. I’ll post some of those pictures later today. They definitely were a boost to morale out here.

A quick nap

Troops on patrol

Meeting with village elder

Can we play?


10 Responses to “1-12th’s first operation”

  1. Wow I can’t tell you how excited I am that I found your site! My boyfriend is in 1-12 and I talked to him on the phone before he went on this mission. It’s so uplifting to see what’s going on over there and to get recent updates, thanks to you!! 🙂 You maybe shed off a little worry. I’m definately going to be coming back you to your blog frequently! You gotta give a ‘hi” to Private Anderlik for me 😉

  2. Jamison Says:

    The picture at the top of the blog is a GREAT photo. Competition worthy, even.

  3. Great photos. That first child photo is captivating. Love it! Thanks for sharing. That’s fun that you got some Christian entertainment.

  4. Jeannie Says:

    Awesome photos.

  5. ScottyFracture'sDad Says:

    Keep em comin’, Jetgwot-this is the closest thing to actually hearing from my son at Rath (dog co). Too funny, we saw Flyleaf last year together, but I bet it was a little different than the show in Tempe! If I can send anything or do anything for you guys from Stateside, let me know…

    • jetgwot Says:

      Glad you found the site! I’m going to be going down to Rath here soon for about a week. I’ll see if I can look him up for you! Flyleaf was awesome. Too bad they couldn’t have stayed longer.

    • Kirk Kuykendall Says:

      My son is also in dog co, he is a 240 gunner, i am deployed to Iraq and have been looking on the web everyday for information about 1-12 and dog co

  6. Hey Justin! I agree that the first photo is competition worthy. Thanks for the pics & keeping us informed. Love you! Mom

  7. Bonny Rice Says:

    I am so glad to finally find some information on all of you in Ramrod. My son is in HHC 1-12 4-4. His birthday is on July 11th and he’s also going to be a daddy for the second time, but I’ll let Annie tell him the sex. .. . I have posted him of KLove.com which has a Wall of Prayer for soldiers. . .so awesome to have a Christian band; how amazing is our God.

  8. Mike Costello Says:

    I’m deploying to be embedded with 1-12 in about 2-weeks. Your blog was very informative. Keep up the good work!

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