Flyleaf in concert at FOB Ramrod

Flyleaf in concert at FOB Ramrod

The band Flyleaf touched down at Forward Operating Base Ramrod July 5 to the delight of hundreds of Soldiers and civilians. The band held a meet and greet with the Soldiers and then went over to the Canadian Artillery side of the base and fired off several 155mm illumination rounds. They can shoot up to 40 kilometers away with pinpoint accuracy.

After that, they held a two-hour concert on our makeshift stage directly between the chapel and our Rocky-style gym. It was a great time and a much-needed morale booster for everyone here. Who would have thought in Southern Afghanistan that we would be listening to an internationally known “Christian” Rockband?

The band left early the next day, but they stayed after the concert to sign everything from scraps of paper to Soldiers shirts. I’m sure we’ll see some of the items being auctioned on E-bay.

I’d like to personally thank Flyleaf for coming out here. For two hours no one thought of fighting, or worried about their next patrol; they just stood their smiling and singing along with a band who wanted to show their appreciation for all the military does. Thanks Flyleaf!






16 Responses to “Flyleaf”

  1. Good for Flyleaf! And those are some excellent photos – did you take them?

    • jetgwot Says:

      I did take those photos. Thanks for the compliments! It was awesome that they came out here. Later that night, I ran into them at midnight chow and we sat and talked for about half an hour. They are very humble and down to earth.

  2. armyang Says:

    That’s pretty awesome. I still can’t believe I found your blog, it’s actually really comforting since my boyfriend is with the 1-12. Again, thanks so much!

    • jetgwot Says:

      Glad you found my site! Feel free to let anyone else from back home at the 1-12 know about it. It’s hard for a lot of the Soldiers to keep in contact with their families and loved ones back home. Hopefully this helps bridge the gap to at least give them a glimpse of what’s going on here.

      • armyang Says:

        you’re such i relief! im proud of all our soldiers over there. all this coverage on michael jacksons death, ppl forget wat yall are doin over there. jeez thanks again. 🙂 yes, communication is hard! but i keep everyone in my prayers. give a hey to private anderlik over there? from angie.

  3. I have actually never heard of Flyleaf and I thought I knew all the Christian rock bands out there. That is great that you had time off to not dwell on the things going on.

  4. Oh, and yes, great photos!

  5. John Miller Says:

    I love Flyleaf and I really appreciate what you’re doing over there for our country. God bless you and stay safe.

  6. That is so awesome that they came and played for you guys. Did most of the soldiers already know who they were before they came?
    Praying for all of you.

    • Hey Ronnie,
      Most of the Soldiers knew who Flyleaf was; we were all very surprised they took the time to visit us on our tiny base all the way out here. It was definitely a huge morale boost for us.

  7. From a MAJOR Flyleaf fan and admirer of all our service men and women, thanks for posting this article on Flyleaf’s tour to Afghanistan. I’ve met them several times, spoken with them, and seen them in concert–they are fantastic and my favorite band. I’m glad all of you got to enjoy them and their music.

    And what a cool blog. Just discovered it linked from the Flyleaf site, so I will now spend some time looking it over.

    Be safe, and God Bless You,
    Kelly Carter

    P.S.–I and co-workers of mine are doing our best to keep the AC-130 gunships flying and giving you guys devastating close air support.

  8. Man, i was with 2-2 Infantry, the Battalion that actually established FOB Ramrod out there in the Maywand District, we didnt even get anything like that out there when i was deployed there, so i am glad to see you guys are getting some big names out there to boost the morale, Good luck out there and God Speed,

    SPC Curtis Bess

  9. Hey, did you hear about Flyleaf’s i-Tunes deal? They are including extra music not available on the regular release if you pre-order the new record, “Memento Mori”! Check them out on i-Tunes!

  10. Josh Kohout Says:

    I was at the concert when they performed at Bagram Afghanistan. It was an amazing event and all I can say is that you to Flyleaf for giving us a little piece of Home. I have been a fan for a very long time and I finally got to see them!

  11. Yes it is time for the new album to be released on 11-10-09 and WOW am I super excited. Check out their website to see more about the new album:

  12. spc tamez Says:

    i am in 2-1 in at fob blackhawk in spin b and we are comming up there pretty soon to bad we didnt make it for the concert that would have been nice

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