It’s the care from the package that matters

It doesn’t matter what’s in it. In fact, it’s more of the thought that counts. And, if you haven’t yet, finish reading this, go to the store, buy some “stuff” and send it off to whoever you know out here.

When you are deployed, receiving a care package is like waking up and realizing it’s Christmas. As soon as we hear the helicopter, or mailcopter as I like to call it, we dash to the connex and wait with eager anticipation of a care package. Alright, maybe we don’t dash their, but we certainly briskly walk to it.Β  Like I said, it doesn’t really matter what’s in it. It just means a lot to know someone was thinking about you stateside.

A church of my parents sent me about 20 letters thanking me for my service and praying for my safety while I was here. It was so thoughtful and made my day. I was sitting in the chow hall when someone walked in and handed me a bundle of letters. I felt loved.

So as much as that Soldier might tell you he doesn’t want you to send him anything — do it anyway. We can’t get anything much of anything in this dustbowl, so even if you raid your pantry and throw in some granola bars, some fig newtons and a box of cereal, it will make their day — possibly even their week.


17 Responses to “It’s the care from the package that matters”

  1. Jeannie Says:

    I’d love to send a care package over to show some thanks for all you are doing for us.

    Are there any soldiers in your group who are left out or do you all throw your stuff together and share with each other? I’d be happy to send something if you’d e-mail your address or that of any soldier you know.

    God Bless you.

  2. Aunt Lee Says:

    One package is already sent and another is currently being put together. I send the box to Erica …tell her to share!! Please let me know any thing you want and I will send it. The next box will be full of board games and such for some mind release. Thank you so much for all you are doing over there.

  3. My nephew, PFC Tim, said in an email that there are some troops who are not getting packages from home. I asked him to provide some names and I’ll make sure they are included.

    Spread the word over there that we will take care of getting packages to every GI there. I know Tim has been spreading the wealth but it’s always good to get a package with your own name on it.

  4. My son’s FRG leader gave me the name of 2 soldiers to send care packages to and I hope it made their day. My daughter sealed the boxes and mailed them and she put her name on the note she enclosed! If they are reading this to my secret RAMROD soldiers thank you for your service. My son said that everyone shares their goodies!
    Thank you for keeping your blog going I think my son is in one of your pictures if only his head was facing the camera! Your pictures are so good that one day you should have them published!

  5. My son (Jacks nephew!) is sweating it out with you at Ramrod. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this blog! The phone calls from Tim are so sparse & hurried that we never get much real info. About the care packages: is there anything we can send that would help with the heat/sand? Aside from the obvious (Gold Bond, chapstick) how about mosquito netting, cheesecloth, those icy packs that you use for sprains, etc.? It sounds like you guys are suffering from the conditions, and it breaks my heart. If you see Tim (Radcliffe, C co.), tell him Hagen says hi. (Yes, he’s always called me by my name, that’s just his thing!) You’re all in my prayers and I’m sending good vibes from PA to Ramrod (that’s the buzzing sound you hear!) XOXOXO

    • armyang Says:

      Yeah i want to send my boyfriend something! i just don’t know what. I figure just stop thinking too hard and go to the store and buy some stuff. I’m so proud of him over there and all our soldiers!

      Hi Hagen, i knew Radcliffe sounded familiar! i read your reply. and back when they were at Fort Carson, Rory got his phone shut off and Tim would let him use his πŸ™‚ Actually, rory called me this morning and they seem to be holding up pretty well. But yeah they’re in C co. together. it’s nice to know someone else, and actually everyone here, is going through the same thing i am.

      thanx jetgwot!

  6. I am sending a package to RAMROD soldier today. I am a Soldier’s Angel and support three Soldiers, at present. Your blog here really made my day! I wonder if our soldiers have any idea just how very much our Angels walk on Cloud Nine when we hear from you and know that your package arrived safely…not YOU personally, of course….referring here to our soldiers….a Thank YOU isn’t at all what we desire but just hearing that our soldier received their goodies means so much more than I can put into words! Thank YOU so much for YOUR service and this time I do mean YOU πŸ™‚ From the Heart, Iris

  7. My son just arrived at Ramrod this week from Terminator and I’m glad I found your blog. I’ve sent a couple packages to him and know that no matter what is in them its just a little bit of home. If you’re looking for some way to find who to send a package to, try Soldiers Angels. My sister belongs to them and has several soldiers that she sends things to. Some don’t have family to send them things and some just don’t want to ask for anything. Sometimes its as simple as a brand name of shampoo or something they cant get anywhere but home. God Bless all of the men and women there and watch over them.

  8. You can adopt soldiers that need support at — or if you are a soldier sign up there for support.

  9. Thanks for the insight re: care packages. I have a few questions though…do you guys have fresh milk (to eat with any cereal one may send) or do you need powdered milk to go with it? Also, do you have access to microwaves? Do you get hot cooked meals or MREs?

    • Some guys have microwaves, but it’s few and far between. We do have milk. It’s heat-treated, so it can be left out, but it’s liquid and beats the powdered stuff. So, send away. We do get small containers of frosted flakes, raisen bran and kellogs.

  10. Thanks for replying to my question! I have a cousin who is also in the 1-12 at FOB Ramrod and in my next care package to him, I’ll send a bunch of those assorted mini cereal boxes. Hopefully he’ll share with you!

  11. Late news relayed from a soldier at Ramrod:

    Don’t do like I did and send lots of Gummi Worms, Gummi Bears or Gummi anything. I should have realized what happens to Gummis in the desert heat. Our Ramrod soldier likened the package to a large ball of multi-colored, oozing roadkill. Who would have guessed Gummis melt and meld so well?

    Of course, they all sliced it up and ate it anyway, but I could have chosen a better treat!

  12. Jack…that made me laugh. Unfortunately I had just sent a box out…and yes some gummi worms.

  13. I am sending a care package to my son who is at Ramrod, with some Halloween treats. I put a bag of tootsie rolls in it for him (and I hope he shares!) I don’t think tootsie rolls will melt, will they?

    • You’d be surprised at what can melt in this heat, but I think by now, the weather is low enough they should be okay. As for a friend’s bag of gummie worms — they were a gummie ball by the time they got here!

  14. Oh man, I sent gummy worms and bears to my cousin last month. I wonder what shape they were in when they arrived. LOL The most recent package I sent (yesterday) had more gummy bears and some tootsie rolls too. *sigh* Should we wait until December to send these items? lol

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