Ramrod Q’s of the week

So, I’m opening up my blog to any questions you might have about FOB Ramrod, the surrounding area, the 1-12th Infantry Regiment or just about daily life in general. I have to take a quick trip up to Kandahar AirField for a few days, but I’ll answer any questions while I’m away. I know a lot of Soldiers families and friends are keeping up with this blog; and they just might have some questions about this place that I haven’t thought to cover.

On a side note, I received an overwhelming response from folks back home that would like to send care packages to our troops here. I’m going to get with our first sergeant and see what he recommends, but I think the best way to do it is to address it to our first sergeants here to disseminate to the Soldiers as they see fit. They know who might be “left out” and they can better distribute the packages than I could.

I’ll get back to you on that. For now, shoot me your questions and I’ll have an answer for you as soon as possible.


13 Responses to “Ramrod Q’s of the week”

  1. You might tell the people back home about organizations like Soldiers’ Angels which supports our soldiers by assigning people a soldier to support with letters and packages. SA does lots more – visit their website at http://soldiersangels.org/

  2. Since you offered ….

    We hear that access to the internet for email is very tight at Ramrod. If so, how do you manage to update the Blog so frequently? We all appreciate the Blog but direct email from our relatives is also high on our list.

    Things must have changed a lot since I was in…. give the package to the First Shirt to distribute as he sees fit? Wow, that would never have worked back in the bad old days!

  3. Betsy Stewart Says:

    I am accumulating a 3rd package for Erica. She has asked for thumbtacks, Family pictures and Mosquito netting. Doesn’t the service provide the netting, or does she want hats with the netting attached, and would she be allowed to wear them. I’m on a search for both.

  4. Betsy Stewart Says:

    I forgot to tell you how great your pictures have been. Those children are beautiful. Also, if you will get your address to me somehow, I’ll go to Amazon.com and order the Three cups of tea for you. I think you would enjoy it. We have only been able to get to Erica thru Facebook, and maybe she can put your add. on that.

  5. Oh man, do I have lots of questions! Let’s see… I thought about mosquito netting & cheesecloth for the sand and/or bugs. Would that be allowed or useful? Are they allowed to furnish/decorate the personal living area?
    Does bedding have to be military issued or can I send sheets? (hope so, already mailed!) That personel living space that you described; is it really low & tight & narrow & dark & smelly? Just how awful is it? Are the guys allowed “alone” time, to just sit and do whatever, while in their rooms?(or is it discouraged as anti-team) How is computer/phone time alotted? Can you mail out (should I send disposable cameras to be sent home?) ) What’s the best undergarments for the climate? WHEN will internet/WiFi be upped, so personal laptops can be used? My son says that he can’t use his due to no WiFi, yet you’re blogging and Erica (above) is doing Facebook. What the heck?! I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but lets start with these!! Oh yeah, everybody I know wants NAMES so they can send boxes/letters directly to soldiers that aren’t getting mail. I figured you’re the go-to guy for this info. Have a safe & cool week!

  6. armyang Says:

    Hagen pretty much covered it for me, i need to know! 🙂 by the way, wat is your name? my boyfriend thought maybe he’d know who you are… be safe!

  7. JETGWOT – need your direction….

    Operational Security (OPSEC) and Personal Security (PERSEC) best practice generally requires that the last names of personnel in a combat area not be revealed to the public. First names, nicknames, etc are usually OK.

    If this is still the case you may want to review the last several pages and edit out last names.

    This is not intended to be a flame at anyone on here – there is no way most would know unless they are or have been in ‘the business’!

  8. Jack’s post was right on the money: OPSEC! Many family members don’t quite understand what OPSEC really means & technically even ‘their’ (family) last names should be omitted in their posts/questions to you. Might be good to have a gentile reminder or tutorial on your opening page regarding OPSEC. As far as questions go….. I believe most family members understand their warrior cannot/will not discuss ongoing operations. However we all would like to get a better understanding on living conditions, food, daily routines, and humorous occurrences and/or situations. More photos of the FOB would be most interesting. As for me, I check the daily “Airpower Summary Report” (Google with the date) for what ‘Team Hoof’ has been up to.

    Once again……. BZ on your web site & efforts to provide families with a line of communications/info.

  9. There are about 93 soldiers in the 1-12 at FOB Ramrod whose names were submitted to Soldiers’ Angels and are currently waiting to be “adopted.” You can go to http://soldiersangels.org/index.php?page=adopt-a-soldier and fill out the form to adopt a hero!

    • Hi Angel,

      I checked out the Soldier’s Angels website but cannot figure out how to adopt a soldier in the 1-12. It appears the assignment is made based on the order in which the soldier was signed up. Am I missing something?

  10. mjzander Says:

    I am a retired university professor of education. I understand that a part of your mission is going to be working with children and teaching villiagers, I have been teaching students of all ages for 20 years and have worked with student teachers and teaching all over the US. I am pretty good at problem solving and giving ideas to new teachers via the internet. If I can be of help to you, or if helping with books or supplies for teaching children, I would be happy to look into ways to get them.

  11. J.C. SAUER Says:

    Keep up the good work guys. My wife, and I are praying for you every night.

  12. Great job on informing families of your daily life in a FOB. I think there are a lot of us with soldiers deployed for the first time so an explanation of the rules would be helpful. Especially to those who aren’t at a base and don’t have access to classes from the FRG. Thank you to those of you who do know and can fill us in. I sent my son a bunch of self addressed labels as per the care package list and he had to burn them and told me they were burning all addresses on envelopes and care packages so families wouldn’t be in danger. Did anyone else know about that? Our guys watching out for us back home in more ways than one. Thanks for writing on your blog when you can. How often do the soldiers have access to phone calls and are they available at the COP or do they have opportunity to go to the FOB to call home? God Bless our troops and keep them safe.

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