I’ve gotten a few posts from families and friends concerned about mentioning Soldier’s names on this blog. I’ve went ahead and taken most of the references to any of them off of here. Years ago, we were not able to mention last names of anyone deployed. Since then, the DoD has changed their policy.

Whenever we write any articles about the 1-12th, we include names and even hometowns of the Soldiers we write about. Typically, I’ll send those articles and photos back to their hometowns in hopes the local newspapers will pick them up. At a minimum, they are sent back to Fort Carson to be published. I recently loaded some photos of a couple of our Soldiers on their first major operation. I’ll probably be posting the link on here, but it includes some of their names as well. I wouldn’t go about putting full addresses out there, but you will see their names. If you look online at all of the branches of Service, you’ll see deployed photos and articles identifying Soldiers.

But, in the future, feel free to send me a private message and I’ll look into getting a message to a Soldier here at Ramrod or updating you on what’s going on.


6 Responses to “OPSEC”

  1. Marianne Burke Says:

    I just found this site. My son Spc. Kevin Burke is in 2nd platoon , Dog Company 1-12 at Cop Rath. Any info that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    We pary for all of our troops everyday. God Bless.

    Marianne Burke

  2. So, it’s OK if I use my sons name when I add a comment on this site? I don’t want to get anybody in any kinda trouble!

  3. Rory's dad Says:

    Okay, new to this blogging thing; would like to get a message to PVT Rory in charlie. We’re looking for a gadget to send him, but already sent a care package. Would like to know how long it takes to get there. Have him email me; His mom has been keeping me updated.

  4. Matt Maguire Says:

    Sgt!! You will contact Sgt Maguire IMMEDIATELY if you know what is good for you!! You have 72 hours to contact the good Sgt before you owe me 50 pushups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get on your face soldier!! (er. .airman)

  5. Scott Dickson Says:

    SECurity question- would you be allowed to possess a personal Iridium satphone for home contact?


    My wonderful and amazing husband is soon to be moving to FOB RAMROD with 1-17 Infantry. He is in 5/2 ID Troop A 8-1 CAV. His name is SPC Adam Robert Sakowicz. Due to his latest missions I haven’t heard from him since August 27th. I just want him to know that I love him and that he is greatly missed.
    Our daughter’s pre-school class at St. Jeanne de Lestonnac, here in Irvine, CA, prays for God to send angels to protect him and all the soldiers every morning. If possible, we would love to see pictures posted of the man we all love and are praying for. It would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you for your incredible pictures and updates. It does wonders for our morale back here at home!

    Thank you a thousand times over!
    Mrs. Tracy Sakowicz

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