Random stuff, camel spider — kid’s videos

mmmm, camel spider

mmmm, camel spider

So, I had heard about camel spiders here, but had not seen any until I was walking back to my tent tonight and saw this cute little guy crawling around. Finally, a camel spider. They are crazy little devils. This one kept trying to get under the rocks as if that would somehow protect him from the behemoth trying to get it’s picture.

Moving on, the next shot is of me in an MRAP while out on patrol. Awesome, I know.  Lastly, and what will probably get me in trouble with a lot of the Soldiers when I tell you this; I finished a mural today for a program the chapel hosts called, “United Through Reading.”

On patrol

On patrol

Basically, the chapel has children’s books, a video camera and until I finished the mural — a white “interrogation wall” as a backdrop. So, if you didn’t know about this program, e-mail that loved one of yours over here and tell him to make a video for you and the kids. Even if you don’t have kids, you can still record a message for your “special one” and the chapel will mail off a mini-dvd, free of charge. It’s a cool program and now it’s got an even cooler backdrop!

United Through Reading Mural

United Through Reading Mural


6 Responses to “Random stuff, camel spider — kid’s videos”

  1. Hagenmary Says:

    Well, don’t you look pensive! You’re probably thinking about those mango popsicles, but you sure do look intense.
    I’ve heard that camel spiders were the size of kittens and could bite down to the bone and cause serious damage. Just goes to show how goofy rumors can be! That little guy is cute.
    Your mural is pretty cool … especially the Lion King section. Hey, could you use some kids movies? They’re in English, but Tom & Jerry cartoons transcend language. And Bugs Bunny, oh yeah, he doesn’t need subtitles! How are you set for school supplies & toys? Anything special that the kids REALLY like? ‘Cause you know us 1-12 families just love to fill up those boxes!
    It’s great to hear from you so often… especially since my son hasn’t sent an E-mail in 3 weeks. He is gonna be in SO much trouble when he gets home on leave. (Don’t tell him I said that, let it be a suprise!)
    Be safe, be cool, be careful. XOXO

  2. Angela, Bryan, and Daniel Says:

    Okay, first I have to saw EWWWW to the nasty spider. Thanks for adding to my nightmares of arachnophobia. That mural you did is so cool! I forgot that you were an artist and how good you were! That will be so nice for the kids of all of you over there to see their mom or dad with that behind them. Awesome job! I am sure that they appreciate it, whether they tell you they do or not. As always, you are in our prayers and thoughts often. We really appreciate the huge sacrifice you are making for us on a daily basis.

  3. when do you update,like everyday or like everyweek?that picture i found of my brother was awesome at least we know he is in good health.when we saw it we were like hey thats looks like him.then we did a close up we saw the tattos and we were like yep thats him and we were all jumping around happy.

  4. I just want to start off by saying THANK YOU for your service to our country. I trained the Chaplain who is the Active Duty Coordinator for the United Through Reading Military Program. I am so thrilled to see the mural you have painted for the reading room at Ramrod! It is fantastic and I’m sure all of the Soldiers enjoy walking in each time to such a fun and vibrant room! The United Through Reading program is a great opportunity for Soldiers to be privately recorded reading a book aloud to that special child in their lives and then sending that DVD home. It is a fabulous program that really helps to maintain that connection during deployment. Thank you for sharing…

  5. Hagenmary Says:

    Hey, how did Election Day go for you folks at Ramrod? As usual, there was almost nothing on TV, and the BBC was focused on the North & Kabul. Hope it was a quiet, blah day for ya’ll !

  6. sandyjeane Says:

    Thank you so much for your service. I’ve learned so much what it is really like at a FOB and enjoy your blog. The mural is so cool and didn’t know about the reading program but that is wonderful and I’m sure a great help for families with children. I am sorry for the losses your battalion has faced and for those brave soldier’s families. I don’t understand the difference between the FOB Ramrod and the FOB or outpost Terminator so can you explain that to me? I noticed the memorial service was held at Terminator it said so guess that you must be close to each other. Keep up the great job of blogging. You truely have a gift and it’s a present to us at home. My son is at KAF and I don’t know where he will be going. I pray constantly for all our troops.

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