Getting colder

Well, the weather is finally cooling off a bit. In fact, at night, I find myself looking for my fleece to put on. Of course, cold for us is usually about low 80’s, high 70’s, but our bodies have adjusted to 110 plus temperatures so this just feels plain cold.

Moving on, our battalion is actually moving on to another FOB (Forward Operating Base). I can’ t give much more detail than that right now, but I will soon.

Another bit of news. I’ve been posting some articles and images to this website, click here.

Go there to check out the latest news and info from our Battalion.


5 Responses to “Getting colder”

  1. I was just reading through your archives, and I had to laugh. Way back in “the beginning” you said New Jersey (my home state, yeah Jersey girls!) was HOT. Now you know why they sent you to good ol’ NJ… it was a little taste of what hot can be!!
    Anyway, glad to hear that you’re doin’ OK. Is the move permanent or will you be getting back to Ramrod? Wadda ya think, is it time for us to start shipping cold weather stuff (fuzzy mittens, thick socks, etc) ?
    Be safe, be careful, and remember that you (and all of our soldiers) are in our thoughts and prayers 24/7. XOXO

  2. Well with this news, I suppose I’d like some advice from you, if you could provide it. I have an “adopted” soldier in the 1-12th that will apparently now be moving. I was going to pop a box of goodies for him in the mail today, but I don’t know if I should.

    As I haven’t ever heard directly from this soldier (not that I expected to or need him to) I don’t think I’d be getting his new addy and I don’t want the items to be lost or disgarded. Any thoughts?

  3. Our son recently moved from FOB Ramrod to the new FOB base about 2-3 weeks ago. We wish you safe travels.

    FYI–we mailed him a care package about 1 week prior to us knowing he was changing FOB’s, he was told it would eventually get to his new FOB, but it has not shown up yet. We are hopeful though. He told use the address would be the same as FOB Ramrod with the only change being the FOB name when you find out what that is. Hope this helps.

    Thanks are never enough for all the sacrafices that our soldiers make on a daily bases. But know that you all are thought of daily for you safe return home to your families.

  4. My soldier son (Tim) just Emailed me, stating that he doesn’t KNOW his new address.
    Or whether the leave date that he’s been given is the day that he should be leaving A-stan or arriving at home. I understand the need for secrets, but SHEESH!! It’s very frustrating for us poor old Moms, and I’ll bet it doesn’t help our soldiers much, either!
    Just venting, ignore the rant!

  5. Sgt Thomas Says:


    Their new address is exactly the same as their old address w/ the exception of FOB Wilson instead of FOB Ramrod. Delivery is taking 2-3 weeks, which really isn’t bad considering that Wilson is very small.

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