FOB Wilson

So here I am, at Forward Operating Base Wilson in the Zhari District. First off, for those of you worried about some of the Soldiers that may have moved here and won’t get there mail. Don’t worry, it is being redirected, it will just take a bit longer. I would make sure you verify if your Soldier has moved before you send anything else.

I can’t give too much information right now on our move to Wilson, but you’ll be hearing more about it in the next week or two. For me, living here is a bit different than Ramrod. We have some Canadians here (for the time being), and thankfully they have wireless internet. Which, is what I’m using right now. Unfortunately, when they leave, so does the internet. Hopefully, we’ll have something set up so that the Soldiers can communicate back home. They don’t even have phones hooked up for most of the Soldiers yet.

This is a very tiny FOB and we are in the process of expanding it. The past couple days have involved me building my tent from the ground up. I moved in tonight, but we have yet to get AC or proper electricity. Supplies are low and we are like alley rats trying to scrounge up some material to build what we need.

Chow: Currently, the Canadians are cooking until they leave. Some of our Echo Company Soldiers help them. For the most part, it’s awesome. Great salads (even salmon) and they do great barbecues. For whatever reason, they don’t serve food on Tuesdays. We’ll have to see how that plays out. For lunch, they have salads and leftovers from the night before. For some reason, I think I’m losing weight.

I’ll fill you in on life at the FOB as the days go on. As a head’s up. If you know a Soldier is here, and you want to send him a package, just change the name of the FOB from Ramrod to Wilson. The rest stays the same.


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  1. Thanks for the update!

    Considering the conditions you’ve listed, I will be altering the box of goodies that will be sent. Is there anything (aside from food on Tuesdays) that would help?

    Thanks again for taking the time to put some minds at ease.

    • Hey Heath,
      Honestly, everyone here appreciates the snacks and food we are sent! Depending on the Soldier, it’s the little things that make our day. Throw in a squirt gun or two, some silly putty or the sorts and they’ll find ways to have fun with it. Oh, and water balloons — you can always find a good use for water balloons!

  2. Does this base have a PX or a MWR?

    • Hi Beth,
      No, currently we have neither here. Which means everything from laundry soap and trash bags to potato chips, snacks and other goodness is not available. Also, an MWR is going to be setup, but it will probably take at least another 3-4 weeks before that happens. Currently, we have Canadian wireless internet but that is all. IT will get better here … just not yet.

  3. I found a web site that contains (a lot) of photos primarily of Marines & the 10th Mountain. Although the areas where these photos were taken are not specifically in the FOB Wilson locality, they do provide som very graphic insight into what our loved ones are enduring in Afghanistan. I doubt photos taken in & around FOB Wilson would differ much at all.

    At the top of this web site are other links for more photos. Just when you ‘think’ you might have an idea of what it is like there, photos like these really bring it home.

    God Bless Them All

  4. Dam, I was gonna loot the $1. store for water pistols, paddle balls & all kinds of fun stuff this summer. But then I talked myself out of it, reasoning that the big, bad soldiers didn’t want toys.
    A few months ago I sent my son (Tim, C co) some blow-up beach balls & an inflatable pink flaminco, and he never mentioned them, so I figured that kinda stuff wasn’t kosher.
    Now that I know better, I’m hitting the toy store tomorrow. HAVE FUN!!

  5. Thanks very much for any updates. You shouls have a Bozo with you. Intel type. We at home thank you for your time and effort. We pray for your FOB every day. Mike Bozo ex USAF. p.s. ck with Bozo he will be getting a few boxes in the next few days or weeks. He will have a few extra thing for the troops. Let us know what you all need. My wife is a teacher and they would like to help out.

  6. My son, Charles Rice is with HHC 1-12 IN 4-4 ID at Wilson. Anyone know him out there? This mom is not at peace with this depolyment, but I am getting plenty of “blisters on my knees” covering you all in prayer!
    Packages should be coming soon


  7. Wendy Ringen Says:

    This is Aunt Wendy sending my LOVE to Gabriel Bozo!!! Im so very proud of you as always xoxo. keep safe . To the rest of you Im so thankful for all that each of you are doing for all of us back home We’ll keep you in our prayers.

  8. hey Man sounds great. I will be there at wilson in or aound may 2010 with the 101st so just checkin out some info. a few questions if you have time, how many do you think are there like kbr and mnf, also hows the weather with sandstorms and such. thx

  9. Mike Bozo Says:

    Hey Bonny my son SSGT G.Bozo is also from HHC 1-12 ID. I was able to speak with him today. Next time we talk I will have my son look him up. Sounds as if it is hard duty right now. As they are building up Wilson from almost the ground up. I will keep your son…Charles in our prayers also. They will be fine, lots of good troops. P.S. Keep the packages comming, thats about all they have to look forward to.

  10. Mike Bozo Says:

    Hey all, just want to let you know I have found a web-sight that may give you a chance to see your son or daughter. Go to …… you will have to register. Once that is done you can now search for any Dvid you want to. That will include FOB Wilson. The sight has updates every few days for Wilson. And anyother FOB. You may get lucky and get a quick look at your troop. But atleast you will be able to see the living conditions….GOD bless your troops….Mike

    • I don’t have too much information about Masum Ghar. I was out there last month. The one picture I posted is from there actually. I’ll see what I can dig up for you!

    • Sam Emmite Says:

      when i typed fob masum ghar . i was surprised to see fob wilson-desert bound with my son’s name as part of the heading. contact me asap, i would like that removed

      • Sam,
        I removed your son’s name. As Heath said, it’s because you mentioned him in a comment that you were then able to search his name. Mentioning Soldier’s names is not a security risk, but as I’ve said in previous posts; if you don’t want their name mentioned, don’t mention it. I was up at Masum Ghar about a week ago and everyone seems to be doing well there. Take care,

      • Sam Emmite Says:

        Thanks guys, as you can see im not real keen about this internet stuff -just a worried dad from texas and its hunting season and i miss him.

    • I suspect you see your son’s name in association with Desert-Bound because you asked about him (by name) at Masum Ghar on Oct 4. Thus the results of your search gave you the information you had previously entered into the blog.

      While I’m sure your request will be honored, it may be a while before it can be done. Phone and internet at Wilson is not scheduled to be available until December (as of the Oct 13 posting.)

  11. Debra Herrin Says:

    My son, Spc. Tim Eickmeier, is with 1-12 C-Co at FOB Wilson. Like Bonny, another mother here not at peace with this deployment. Prayers and thoughts to all out there and God’s speed. Packages also are on the way!!

  12. Hi Mike,
    Couldn’t sleep so I started searching the web and found you.
    My son, Tim, is in your area, I think. Thanks for your time and keeping us posted. You and all the troops are in my prayers..keep safe.

  13. Jim Gonzales Says:

    My son, James (aka Gonzo, Speedy, Big Jim) Gonzales is at Wilson. Anyone know him? Everyone in San Antonio says hello. God Bless all of you.

  14. Deborah Golik Says:

    My son SPC Golik, Jeff is with E CO 1-12 Inf BN at Wilson , I have not heard from him since his block leave in August, and I am another mom who prays for all of you and your families.

  15. hey do you guys have phones and internet yet? I am worried about my soldier from all of the news reports and havent heard from him in a few days. so i was jjust wondering

  16. Joan Smith Says:

    I’m very new to the internet but was so happy to find this site as my son, SSgt Matthew Smith is at Wilson. He’s in EOD and I pray constantly for him and for you all’
    . God bless you and keep you safe. We at home are so very proud of, and thankful for you.

  17. Had a great time seeing my son and his buddy, during their two week stay.They are heading back to you guys at Wilson. God speed for all of your safe return. Our prayers are with you all. Charlie co. rocks

  18. Jim aka Bibs Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you guys get some setup for outgoing mail and hopefully internet. My son “Cornfed” is returning to you at Wilson this week. We love you guys.

  19. I’m confused by this internet correspondence but my son is at this FOB – Just want you to know my prayers are with you all and this is one proud Mom.

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