Back at Wilson

So, I’m back at Wilson. Just a quick day trip to Kandahar and back.  I have to say, the lamb kabob and naan bread was absolutely delicious. Followed up by a green bean coffee, and I was set. Then I returned here … it’s not so bad. Internet is working, for now.

Net: I was asked if we could use another volleyball net. The one we have here seems to be in great condition, so for now, we are ok on that. Apart from snacks, I have to say, it’s the little stuff you wouldn’t think of that will go a long way.

Thanks to some new friends of mine, I received a frisbee, small football, baseball (the soft kind) and other misc toys. That’s the kind of stuff I wasn’t expecting, but honestly, I’ve found myself throwing those things at my roommates and going outside to throw frisbee just to relax.

I think the best method for picking out stuff for Soldiers is to take a child shopping with you. Let them pick out some stuff and send it. You won’t be to far off with what will make a Soldier’s day out here.

I hope everyone is doing well. We are finally getting situated and the Battalion is going to be doing some really exciting things in the Zhari District. I’ll fill you in later on the details.


4 Responses to “Back at Wilson”

  1. I have sent many of my soldiers (Soldiers’ Angels) nerf basketballs with goals. I send a lot of waterguns too.

  2. Have you signed up to get donated coffee through green bean? They have a program where people back here in the states can donate 2 bucks to buy a deployed service member in Iraq or Afghanistan a cup of coffee and include a note. I donate 3 cups a month, and several have e-mailed me back. For you to sign up to get the cups of coffee or for your readers to donate go here:

  3. Raymond Yost Says:

    Glad to see that you have moved to FOB Wilson along with my son, Zach Yost of HHC. Maybe you can get a picture of him. When my son was in Iraq an organization that I belong to adopted his platoon and regularly sent care packages. We sent air mattresses, sheets, pillow cases. Is that the sort of thing soldiers at Wilson could use on their tent cots?
    Your blog and pictures about life at FOB Ramrod and now FOB Wilson mean a lot to those of us back home trying to stay informed about conditions where our loved ones are assigned.

    • doug lawrence Says:

      yes please someone list a top ten wish list of items they will be sent asap. I’ve sent movies, football,qtips,baby wipes, candy up wazoo, beef jerky, peanuts, nylons for warmth they are lighter more flexible than thermals, socks, toothbrushes, lipbalm, anything in attempts to make life easier for my son. any suggestions? Thanks ooh raa lawrence

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