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So, if you thought it was hard keeping in touch with your Soldier during the move; it’s only going to get worse. The Canadians have changed the password to the wireless and we are not allowed to use it. Awesome. Don’t ask how I’m posting this right now. I’m trying to remain calm as I type this, but I’m having a hard time because I feel our Soldiers deserve to have something better than this. I understand with the move that things will be rough at first, but it was never that good at Ramrod either. It’s difficult going on missions, living in less than desirable conditions and dealing with the stress out here in addition to being away from your family.
If some of you feel the same way I do, I encourage you to write or make phone calls on our behalf. Most of these Soldiers have no way to call home and now they don’t even have the opportunity to e-mail home. I know they are trying to work a solution for computers in the future, but I believe it should be on a higher priority.
Sorry for the rant, but I mainly wanted to let you know why you havn’t been and won’t be hearing from your Soldiers very often. As always, thanks for your kind words, care packages and prayers. It means the world to us.


17 Responses to “Write someone”

  1. You can believe I will be writing!

    Hope something gets worked out soon!

  2. Hagenmary Says:

    The communication situation (or should I say LACK of communication) makes the life of a soldier and his family needlessly stressful. It’s 2009, for gods sake, how hard is it to set up phones and wireless connections!
    I’m more than ready to WRITE …who and where should I write, to get the fastest response and most positive outcome.
    Gimme some names and I’ll send them letters that will set their hair on fire!!!

  3. Who do we write?
    Also I am organizing a party where everyone will bring goodies to fill boxes for our soldiers. What is your recommendation to send the boxes to “any” soldier or to you and you will pass them around. I can also organize alot of letters to be sent demanding some consideration for our soldiers just tell me who to write!!! Stay safe..and Thank you!

  4. Angela, Bryan, and Daniel Says:

    Oh this is so horrible!! Especially since the holiday season is coming up! Just let me know who to write to and I will definitely send them a letter (or twenty!). I am glad that you were “able” to get online for a brief period of times. I always knew I didn’t like the Canadians! Praying this situation gets worked out quickly so you can stay in touch with your loved ones!!!

  5. Hagenmary Says:

    Ya know, I just had a thought. Would it help or hinder if I contact the media? Would that cause problems with you or the grunts with the brass?

    I’m rarin’ to go with the letters…give us ideas of who to contact & the army of relatives will jump on this soooo fast!!

  6. To the other people on here, I looked up my Senators, and Rep. and wrote to them from the forms on their websites.

  7. mikenichols Says:

    looking for soldiers in the maywand,kandahar, mushan area to contact mike nichols at COP Terminator, Bco, 1st pltoon, 1st of the 12th.

  8. I also wrote state senators and representatives. This is an outrage! Sorry you all are going through this! We are praying for you! I miss my soldier!

  9. Thank you for posting this information. Suddenly not getting emails from my son has been horrible, especially with all that’s going on there. At least there’s some kind of explanation.

    I will definitely do what I can to write letters. This is awful for our troops there.

    • Hi Sue,
      Things are slowly getting better here. Feel free to keep in touch and I’ll try and keep you posted on what is going on!

  10. mikenichols Says:

    looking for those familiar with those with information about b co 1st platoon 1-12 at cop terminator.

    • My son is at Terminator. He calls often. What do you need to know, I will ask him when he calls.

      • My son was at Terminator-supposed to be moving to Wilson.B.Co.-etc–haven’t heard from him in over 2 weeks.It sucks-after daily news from him or his buddies via the computer-this is now hell. Any news on wether they are at Wilson yet?

  11. Cyndie Jay Says:

    My husband is also at Wilson – please let me know who I need to write to so we can help our soldiers obtain communications again. The holidays are getting closer and morale will drop immensely if they are unable to talk to their families.

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