Good Morning America

Hey everyone. It’s so hard to get on the internet lately, but I wanted to let you know that the Good Morning America broadcast will  be live today, Friday (Est) time.  Chris Cuomo has been with us the past day and a half and they will be shooting live from our location with clips from the past day. If you miss their morning show, you should be able to view it online at

Enjoy and talk to you soon.


6 Responses to “Good Morning America”

  1. I’ll be watching (well TiVOing anyway)

    It looks like each segment is posted on ABC’s site as well.

  2. I saw the clip. Good work. I didn’t see you 😦

    Hope everything is going well. Call me when you can.

    love – Jared

    • Jared,
      Jocelyn found me in the clip. It was a where’s Waldo kind of moment, but I’m in there. I’ll call you tonight…

  3. I think I saw you on the clip, but not sure. Were you walking alongside the host at one point in full gear?

    • Ha! Good eye! Yep, that was me walking alongside him! I felt like I was his personal bodyguard for a minute or two 🙂

  4. Yay! I knew it was you. I rewinded and paused it to make sure. =D

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