Greetings everyone

Alright, here is some new news. First off, while they (the battalion) are trying to get MWR computers, I don’t see it happening until at least December. Until then, I hope your Soldier knows someone who has access to a work computer to use.

Phones: Right now, despite great improvements in technology, we are having bandwidth problems. Because of this, MWR phones are not projected for another month or so. So, while it is in the works, you are still out of luck unless your Soldiers don’t mind waiting hours to use the two Canadian computers open to us temporarily.

Onto other things … The FOB has been expanded to accomodate the majority of the Battalion. Charlie Company is living in what they like to call the “Concentration camp.” Big white tents with no AC currently. The upside is that the high is only about 80 right now, so it’s bearable. The gym has been moved to a concrete slab and is mostly enclosed by tents, which keeps most of the dust out. The downside — the fly infestation. For whatever reason, over the past week, the flies have multiplied by the thousands. Hopefully the cold will kill them off.


It’s the little things that cheer us up here. Tomorrow I promise to post pictures, but we are almost finished with a hockey/soccer rink, and the basketball nets are being put up just next to the gym. This will be huge for the sports fans here. If you know of anyone that would like to donate basketballs, jerseys, hockey gear, soccer gear or misc sports equipment, reply to this post and I’ll e-mail you privately. For any donations, we’d like to spray paint their logo on the court or arena and take pictures to send back.  These courts being built are going to be a much-needed morale boost for the FOB.

CHOW: So, tomorrow is the dreaded Starvation Tuesdays, but I think they’ve ironed out the kinks. I guess the Canadians have a contract until December that only allows them to cook a certain amount of meals. B/c of that, Tuesdays are a no-go. Well, breakfast is usually passable, toast, cereal, pop tarts etc. Lunch is finally going to be MREs, soup and whatever left-overs they might have. A big change from before. Dinner should be great — Steaks and hamburgers will be given to each company to cook up for their Soldiers. So, while it’s not ideal, it’s livable.

So, things are slowly getting better. I think some things could be done quicker, but in time, it will be night and day difference. Any donations of equipment would be a huge morale booster. Feel free to contact local sports teams, sports stores or professional leagues to see if they would consider donating old jerseys to some gung-ho sports players overseas.

Take care and talk to you soon!


7 Responses to “Greetings everyone”

  1. Mel Lively Says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your information.You are right,it is difficult for families when we don’t hear from our kids. Worry is a powerful thing.Your information has been so helpful to a better understanding of what the day to day situations are, and how they impact your abilities to communicate with us at home.
    As a mother of a soldier, I find strength and humor in your postings.Your reassurance allows me to be more supportive to my son.This allows me to focus on more productive worries,like–Are you eating, are you getting nutritous food,are you getting enough sleep, are you playing well with others !!!!! I look forward to seeing if you have posted anything .
    Thank you for what you are doing and for keeping us posted.Your own mother should be very proud of you…….

  2. Thanks for all of your updates. I know how difficult it is to do for you right now. My son, Tony is there with HHC and told me about the gym and playing hockey. I’m working with some of the local teams here in Michigan to find gloves and equipment for them. Anything we can do back here to help with morale we will do. God Bless and watch over all of you and help you with the work you must do.

  3. This is insanity. My Congressmen and Senators will be receiving a rocket from me tomorrow. There won’t be any retribution since my name is different than anyone in country.

    Also, I will contact the appropriate folks at the company I work for to see what can be done to get some gear to the troops.

    More to follow………………………

  4. Your replacement Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and I am extremely thankful to have a heads up on what to expect when I arrive. Stay safe, your replacements are only six weeks away.


  5. Debra Herrin Says:

    I check this website every day to hear any news about the guys there and my son. I have been lucky and heard from him a couple times in the last week and he sounded “better”. He keeps telling me it’s “nothing like Iraq, mom. They’re cramming us in on this FOB”. I’m hoping the situation is getting better there each and every day. Keep up the good work and keep us informed – gives us a little peace.

  6. brittany miller Says:

    i some how came across this lookin up my boyfriends unit (pfc bass) and thank God i did!! its been really hard not hearin from him so all your updates are very much appreciated!!! thanks to you maybe i’ll get a little sleep tonight 🙂 i know yall are always needing something but if you have any way i can help out i have a church and a college campus that would be more than willing to support yall in any way they can. i am prayin for yall every single day!! stay safe over there and if you happen to run into pfc bass tell him i love him. God bless ya

  7. Libby Green Says:

    I have started to read your blog daily at the suggestion of a dear friend and just wanted to let you know how important following you all has become to me. Please, if there is any equipment or winter clothing I could put together for you let me know. My school is wonderful about getting involved and I think helping you guys out would make all of us feel that much more connected and involved.
    Get back to me when you can, but in the meantime,
    Stay safe and warm!

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