Battalion panoramic shot




A nice panoramic shot of the Battalion during an award’s ceremony several days ago. Below, half of the hockey rink being built. I took some finished shots today and will try and post them tomorrow. Guys have already been spending hours playing out there.



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  1. OK, I just have to ask the obvious question. How do you keep the ice in the hockey rink so nice and smooth? Amazing ingenuity, guys.

    I have started the wheels in motion at my employer to see what I can do to start an ongoing collection of goodies to be sent to you folks. I’ll post the outcome here. Be prepared though, my outfit moves even slower than the Army!

    Stay safe……..

  2. Hagenmary Says:

    Well, Tim is on his way to join you-all at Wilson, after a wonderful 2 weeks at home in Bath, PA. Don’t know if you’ll get this or even if we’ll ever hear from you again, given the lack of tech. there. Hope it gets better QUICK, I need my fix of Desert Bound!

    Is it getting cold there? Should I start sending winter gear? How cold will it get…
    are we talkin’ Arctic?

    Keep your chin up, we’re all thinking of you and praying for our soldiers.

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