If you don’t ask, the answer is always no

So most of you know that I grew up in Kenya, East Africa. My parents are missionaries and my dad has lived there most of his life. Well, growing up in a third world country you learn if you don’t ask, the answer is always no. So, I’m asking:

Once I return from deployment, I’m planning a trip back to Kenya for me, my wife and my two kids, Gavin and Ava.  Do any of you know a good travel agency, internet site or have any frequent flyer miles they may not be using during the mid-January timeframe. I’m stationed in Aviano, Italy, so the trip would go from Milan to Nairobi and back.

Thanks for any info you might be able to lend my way. Oh, I could probably throw in an Ostrich egg, Maasai carving or spear to anyone that helps!~ 🙂


4 Responses to “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no”

  1. Holly Arnold Says:

    Mr. Weaver,
    My name is Holly Rossman-Arnold. My husband is 1-12 ACo. 2nd Platoon, his name is Tyler Arnold (SSG). Tyler has a voucher from NWA for $100 transportation credit, or 10,000 bonus worldperks Miles. I am not familiar with air miles, but if you could find and talk with him about giving this voucher to you, if you could use them. If these miles were mine to give I would, but you will have to follow up with Tyler and just let him know his wife sent you! Best Wishes, Holly Anne Arnold

  2. meghankathleen Says:

    Hi Sir,

    I read you blog, among a long list of others on a daily basis for work. When I saw this post, I sent it to one of my friends who is currently a missionary in Kenya with On Field Media. She immediately responded, “That’s my Pastor’s son!” She goes to Emmanuel Baptist Church and even wrote a post about the 4th of July celebration your dad invited her to attend (http://africaisnear.blogspot.com/2009/07/god-bless-usaall-way-from-kenya.html).

    Anyways, small world! The best I can do to help you with your trip is to pray that someone comes through for you and I’ll definitely spread the word!

    Thank you for your service and for sharing the the journey.

    • Thanks for the post,
      My brother Paul wrote me and said his friend knew you, and that you had passed on the blog to her. Small world. What do you do that lets you read blogs all day? Am I on some kind of watch list? 🙂

      Thanks for any help and prayer you can send my way. Thanks for the link to her blog too. Take care!

      • meghankathleen Says:

        No watchlist!!!

        I’m on the Army.mil Web team, focusing on Social Media.
        So, if your blog has ever been linked to http://www.army.mil/standto, it’s because your post reflect issues happening in our military that readers would find interesting.

        Definitely a small world, I’m glad Kate knows good people over there in Kenya.

        Keep up the blogging, I’ll keep reading!

        Meghan 🙂

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