Soldiers on patrol in a village located near FOB Wilson

Soldiers on patrol in a village located near FOB Wilson

An Afghan boy sorts the good from the bad. The raisins were actually pretty good. I was one of the only ones brave enough to try them.
An Afghan boy sorts the good from the bad. The raisins were actually pretty good. I was one of the only ones brave enough to try them.
This boy just couldn't stop smiling. Too cute!

This boy just couldn't stop smiling. Too cute!

A group photo of C-CO 3rd Platoon

A group photo of C-CO 3rd Platoon

Charlie Company commander, CPT Duke Reim, attempts to jump over a small creek.

Charlie Company commander, CPT Duke Reim, attempts to jump over a small creek.

An Afghan man talks to the commander from Charlie Company

An Afghan man talks to the commander from Charlie Company

Greetings everyone. So, it’s been dropping to the low 40s at night now. Bitter cold compared to the 100 plus temperatures we’ve been used to. Everyone is decked in fleeces, hats and sweatpants in the evening. Most of us have good issued cold-weather gear, but if you want to send that hand-knitted sweater to your Soldier, I’m sure he’d enjoy it — he just might not wear it in public.
The pictures above are from a patrol with Charlie Company’s 3rd Platoon. It was in a really nice village. The people were very friendly and I got to eat my first Afghan raisins. Don’t question the cleanliness of them. I was sure I’d be sick after the handfuls of them I ate while on that patrol, but my stomach seemed to work them out alright.
We’ve been busy here with various patrols/missions. The morale is still low due to basically no connectivity. Phones and MWR computers are still MIA. December is probably when we’ll still see something finally show up. You can tell it’s bothering a lot of Soldiers, who just want to talk to their spouse and kids.
I’m trying to get back up to Kandahar for a few days to pick up a few more supplies and movies. They have a nice bazaar there with all kinds of goodies.
We were out of water for about two days due to a burst pipe. No showers or anything — good times.
That’s about it for now.

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  1. Fun photos! I like the smiling kid and the puddle jumper.

  2. nice pics and great to hear from you all!

  3. Thanks for these pictures. Will you be uploading them to the other site you have been putting pictures on? These are kind of tiny, and would love to see larger versions on.

    I hope morale picks up — and that arrangements for phones and computer will be made soon. I wish there was a way to mentally send messages of courage and support to all of you there.

    • Hi Beth,
      I’ll try and load a few of these to the other site. In the meantime, e-mail me at my work e-mail and I’ll get you some copies of photos you want.

  4. Thank you for all of your updates! I especially like the photo of my husband jumping over the water, lol.

    • It was funny to watch everyone attempt to make it across without getting wet. Your husband wasn’t so lucky! 😉 He wasn’t the only one to get wet though…

  5. Hagenmary Says:

    First, GREAT to hear from you! Just knowing that you can get online & give us updates makes it a lot easier. And pictures, woopeee!

    Second, I’ve heard recently that the wireless situation is about to be addressed SOON. I’m hoping that this rumor is very true, because the morale of our soldiers should be on the top of the “important” list. Lots of folks have been shaking the bars in respect to the conditions at Wilson. Hopefully it’ll pay off!

    I’m sending a big old box of cold weather gear to Tim. Tell him to pass around what he doesn’t need.

    And raisins, no showers and jumping the creek…that’s the kind of detail about daily life that I love. Keep up the good work, you’re building the morale of us folks back home!

  6. Debra Herrin Says:

    Thanks so much for the updates from Wilson. Loved the pictures and am hoping to get a copy of the Charlie Company 3rd platoon picture. Think I see my son there but it’s too small to tell.

    I was SO lucky to talk to Tim yesterday, literally hear his voice. He also said it was getting cold. Sounds like they need those small heaters for their room at night.

    Keeping all the men there in my prayers and hope they return home soon!!

  7. hey thank u so much for the pics. i was asking you before for a pic of my brother pfc richard hedger but you dont have to worrie about it he was just home for his r and r and has now returned to wilson. i am so greatfull you have this site. hope all is well. stay safe and thank you again for ur service

  8. I wrote to my Congressman asking his help in correcting the lack of connectivity for the troops at Wilson. In the same letter I mentioned the Starvation Tuesday fiasco. Hopefully others will apply pressure as well – without mentioning the name of their soldier obviously!

    I know my letter was subsequently rephrased and sent to at least seven other members of Congress.

    Everyone here should be communicating the needs of our troops to their elected officials and asking friends and relatives to do the same. One letter is probably ignored, ten gets a staff member to read them, 100 will hopefully get the attention of the Congressperson and/or Senator.

  9. Hagenmary Says:

    You said it, brother.

    3 hours on a line for 15 minutes of computer time?

    As a taxpaying, voting citizen, I say…UNEXCEPTABLE !

    My letters go out on Monday to my Senators/Congressmen/President/Vice-President and the Secretary of State.

    They will be followed up, in due course, to the Media, if the situation at Wilson isn’t corrected.


    • Marianne Burke Says:

      I am absolutely with you on all of this ! I put out a message on FB last week regarding “Starvation Tuesdays “. Many of us have contacted our Congressmen………..some will not even talk to you unless you give your soldiers name. That is not right !!! I have begged some to check into the situation and encourage everyone to contact the Rear Detachment as well. It is so frustrating to think of these guys coming back from missions on a Tuesday and not being able to have a meal . Some thing is very wrong with this.

  10. Brittany Cone Says:

    Thanku sooo much for your postings.. it really helps to stay connected to what is going on out there… STAY SAFE!!!

  11. Angela, Bryan, and Daniel Says:

    So glad to see another update. Will be praying for the family that lost a solider and still praying for you daily. I know you are just counting down the days until you get to hug your family again.

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