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A lot of you have expressed the interest in high-res photos that you’ve seen on the site. Until I come up with a better solution, go ahead and e-mail me at justin.weaver@afghan.swa.army.mil and list the post title and pictures you would like to have. As soon as I can, I’ll e-mail you the higher quality photos.

As always, feel free to ask the questions I might have forgotten to answer. If you are curious about anything, send those q’s too.

Today the first signs of rain rolled in — clouds. One cloud actually looked a bit threatening for a few minutes before it dissipated. Winter is starting to wave it’s cold hand at us.


6 Responses to “E-mail me”

  1. Hagenmary Says:

    Ok, I’ve got questions!!! Just how cold will it get at Wilson, and how soon? Is it a “normal” winter length (6 months or so) ? Is it a rainy season?
    Is Wilson pretty much up and running, or are you-all still banging it together?
    Did the food situation get worked out… or are you still standing on long lines 6 days a week? & scrounging on day 7!
    How about wireless in the tents… any news?
    Are you guys allowed to decorate for holidays? Can I send Thansgiving and/or Christmas decorations ?
    And last (for now!) but not least; have you seen Tim lately? 1st platoon, C company, big smile all the time, doesn’t talk much, gets lots of boxes from Pennsylvania…that Tim. If so, tell him to write to his mom (that would be me-Hagen) And while your at it, I’d love to see a picture of him posted on Desert Bound!
    Take care of yourself, be careful and keep up the great work!

    • You ask all the same questions I have !!
      Other than Tim, with a big smile, does not talk much, and get’s lots of boxes from PA,it could be Christian-always too serious,does not talk much, and gets lots of boxes from VT !
      At this point, I would be happy to get a letter from Tim !
      PS…. i just sent a paper turkey table decoration,who knows where that will end up…..

  2. Evalyn Sullivan Says:

    First I would like to thank you for taking the time to set up this site and keep us informed. It is very much appreciated!!! Is it possible to have the names of soldiers deployed to FOB Wilson? The residents of the Arbor of Itasca nursing home would like to send Christmas cards. Also the American Legion has asked me for names so that they may send care packages. If giving out last names isn’t possible, could you provide one address with a list of first names? Thank you for whatever information you have on that. Also, if you see Rich Sullivan, Alpha Company, 1-12 Infantry, please tell him his mother said Hi. I haven’t heard from him in awhile. And a picture of him would be Awesome!!!! God bless you and stay warm.

  3. Iron Chef Says:

    No hot chow on tuesdays, I feel for you guys. We are rolling in there early spring this coming year and rest assurred 3 meals a day 7 days a week will be provided by my crew and I. I am curious however, I am unsure we will even be cooking on FOB Wilson or not. Do you have any insight into civilians taking over support operations at the FOB such as Food Services? How are the new living conditions coming together. Thank you for your time and consideration, Take care out there.

  4. Like everyone else,I would love to see any picture of my son, Christian Greenleaf.Maybe a group photo, something to give us a little cheer at home? I won’t ask for anything for Thanksgiving or Christmas,just a group photo !!!!!

  5. Hagenmary Says:

    I got lucky with names! While Tim was home on leave, I went online to the FRG site and got some info. from the FRG leader & Breck Howard. Tim only knew last names & nicknames, ’cause they don’t use first names over there! But since he had last names, they were able to “fill in the blanks”… so my Blue Star Mothers group will be shipping out boxes to over 25 soldiers in 1-12.
    I understand why the powers that be can’t just give out names & info., but SINCE we’re all related & vetted to get onto the FRG site, hopefully they can make it a little easier for us to get shipping info.
    All we want to do is send Holiday cheer to as many soldiers as possible!
    Since we can’t talk to them or get emails or have any kind of decent contact with our grunts, sending boxes & cards soothe the ache of seperation…for me, at least.

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