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1-12th’s first operation

Posted in In country with tags , , , on July 6, 2009 by jetgwot

The 1-12th Infantry Regiment conducted their first operation in the Maywand District area late, last week.

An Afghan girl

The battalion moved out at night using night vision goggles to guide their way. The goal of the mission was to disrupt insurgent activity and to uncover any enemy caches. We also met with village elders to discuss their needs and help determine we can help them stabilize the area they live in.

The overall mission was successful. We did have a couple of heat casualties, who were quickly given IVs and taken by medevac. The long walk back in 100 plus temps certainly played a toll on everyone.

Last night, the Christian Rockband, Flyleaf, came out for the day and met with troops, followed by an hour-long concert. I’ll post some of those pictures later today. They definitely were a boost to morale out here.

A quick nap

Troops on patrol

Meeting with village elder

Can we play?