Four words, three sayings, it’s too easy…

Here at Combat Skills Training we train seven days a week for 30 days straight. No breaks. They have what’s called “white space,” which could be an hour or two, or half a day, but no day’s off. In a way it’s good; I’ll be that much better off for the next six months of working with hardly any days off. On the other hand. We are going to the desert for six months. At least give us Sunday. Even the Lord rested on Sunday, or Saturday depending on your religion. Either day would work for me.

On top of that, we are only authorized to wear our uniform or our physical training uniform. It makes it easy to decide what to wear, but we aren’t kids. We are going to be equipped with assault weapons and deadly training yet we can’t be trusted to wear civilian clothes, have a day off or go off post. Anyway, somethings will never change. Go Army!

Pressing on. Tm4oday we took either our M-16 or M-4 to re-learn how to dismantle it, clean it and shoot and breathe properly. All of this we knew, but the Army feels we should learn it again. The repetitive game continues…

The cool part of this morning was being able to put a bore sight in my barrel and “neroing” my red dot sight. Nero is Army slang for very close to zero. Meaning, if I put that red dot on my target, he’s pretty much going to go down. Monday, we get to go to the range and zero in our weapons before we go down range.

That pretty much sums up my day. Let me fill you in real quick on four words/three sayings that will get you by if you ever happen to get tagged in the Army or training with them. If you are in a classroom and you happen to dose off and then suddenly wake up and your instructor is looking at you, your first save is this, “Hoah!” It’s like an understood, “I’m with you drill sergeant.” No matter what you were doing, if you “Hoah,” you’ll be alright.

Second, If you once again get caught dozing during a death by powerpoint and the instructor is looking at you, either revert to “Hoah,” or throw this one at him, “Tracking.” The Army instructor will immediately think you are following him. He will probably follow you saying tracking with a loud and pronounced “Hoah!” You’ve fooled him again. It’s your shortcut to Army training. They’ve apparently been programed to press on with these key words.

Lastly, if you are practicing something in class or out on the range, you’ll hear the Army instructors say, “Too easy.” Which to them means, we’ve dumbed this down for the average Soldier — it’s “Too easy!”  No matter what you do, even if you do it wrong, just turn, smile and say “Too easy!” This will instantly make them forget what you did wrong and they will answer back with a cheek-to-cheek grin, “Too easy.”

And that’s it. So use these simple programmed sayings to make your next Army encounter a Hoah kind of time. It’s too easy!


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